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Tuesday June 22, 2021

ebhoni artist photo
Photo: Alex Hodor-Lee

Have you ever left a “shituationship” feeling jaded and were looking for the perfect ’90s R&B song to feel your feelings to, but you want something you’ve never heard yet? Toronto’s own Ebhoni has you covered with her latest single Rep It!


I perused the comments section of her YouTube video, and she says she wrote this song when she was in a dark place in life, and shot the music video 4 or 5 months later when she was in a better place. I am glad it happened this way for her, as you can only get the raw, cutting emotion and attitude she exudes vocally when you’re in a dark place. The best time to get creative!

Her energy in the music video (Directed by Jake & Oliver Productions) is the EXACT confidence we should all exude after a breakup, rather than moping around the house in pyjamas, with our hair in a bun, eating large bags of chips while bingeing on Netflix rom-coms… not that I would know that feeling… *clears throat*.


At only 21 years old, she somehow seamlessly captured the ’90s R&B diva style with her own unique modern flair – both musically and fashionably. In the first few moments of the video, she even rocks a black, fur-lined jacket reminiscent of something Mary J. Blige would have worn back in the ’90s! A style icon in the making! 


Ebhoni is the new R&B artist we didn’t know we needed.. until now! For more on Ebhoni,  follow her on Instagram!