Thursday May 12, 2022

Photo: Karim Khorsheed

I’ve always thought it should be standard to thank those who have supported your career in any way, but Houston-based hard rock band, Saturate have surpassed that standard by publicly and openly gave thanks to anyone who has supported them since their formation in 2005, with their latest single “Thank You”, the second release off their upcoming EP Feed The Fire. 


No- it’s not your birthday, nor is it Thanksgiving. Oh, it is your birthday as you’re reading this? Happy birthday! 

If you’re in a band, or have worked with bands, you know the struggles of trying to elevate an artist’s career. When you have people: buying your albums and merch; buying tickets to your shows; bringing you delicious homecooked meals on tour dates, while thousands of miles away from home; building, strategizing and executing brand promotion behind the scenes; the venues who take care of the bands; the media folks who share your art; those tagging you in posts and sharing your music on social media; people telling all their friends and colleagues how awesome your music is and how nice you guys are… even just hitting “play” and adding an extra stream for the artists)… the list goes on… none of that should ever go unappreciated or overlooked. It’s a team effort: from the band, to the fans and back to keep the machine that is the band well-oiled.

With lyrics such as, “Thank you for taking the time out of your life just to hold up mine”, I love that Saturate have created and released this single- not just as a show of appreciation, but for setting an example and to remind people to be grateful.


The single was produced by Saturate (Jimmy Miller on vocals; Mike Mexas on guitar; Curtis James on guitar; Hector Porras on bass, and Angel Perez on drums), and mixed by Matt Plante at Madtown Studios in Madison, Wisconsin.


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“Thank You” has been added to my “Heavy” playlist on Spotify!