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Wednesday December 1, 2021

Awesome manifestation story: I was scrolling through Instagram and saw a few posts sharing that Texas-based hard rock band, Saturate has released their new single for “Light The Match” and I thought to myself: “I wonder how to get on their media list”. I’ve been following this band for years and love their music, so I didn’t think a week after I had that thought I would find I was already in contact with their amazing new Publicist! As a journalist, it felt like Christmas arrived early! 


With lyrics like “Light the match and fan the flames/ walk away and place the blame”, a seamless balance of smooth and aggressive vocals, melodic harmonies and heart-pounding djents to the Gods, Saturate brings all the best elements in this single. 


Just from listening to the lyrics, it sounds like “Light the Match” is about having a consensual passionate union with a “friend with benefits”. You know- where one of the parties in the situation got caught up in their own head, decided to drop it out of nowhere in a callous way while pointing the finger at the partner, rather than addressing their own feelings they’ve developed. So a passionate “shituationship” that leaves one person confused and calling out that complete and utter b.s.

In the first 35 seconds of the song, the drums could mimic one’s heart anxiously pounding and the guitar melody could mimic the mind spiraling in a state of rumination.


“Light The Match” is the perfect addition to my “Heavy” playlist on Spotify, and great for any workout playlist.


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