Nashville-based Seconds To Sea, led by Matt Smith, is currently forging its path as a solo project that may evolve into a full-fledged band in the future. Smith, serving as the songwriter, producer, instrumentalist, and vocalist, navigates the waves of creativity to craft captivating pieces. The debut single, “Alive,” stands as a sonically diverse composition, weaving a tale of traversing the treacherous waters during a harrowing encounter with a tempest while toiling away at sea. As the journey of Seconds To Sea progresses and more musical offerings find the light of day, the narrative will expand, chronicling the triumph over hardships and presenting a relatable experience for listeners.


Venturing into Seconds To Sea’s musical realm, “Alive” serves as an immersive auditory experience, drawing from a myriad of sonic landscapes. Smith skillfully blends various elements, evoking vivid imagery that transports the audience to the heart of the storied hurricane. The melodic tapestry masterfully captures the tension and uncertainty prevalent in such extraordinary circumstances, guiding the listener through the turmoil and eventual liberation.


The lyrics gracefully tackle themes of resilience and perseverance, resonating with individuals confronting their own trials and tribulations. The narrative of surviving against all odds, framed within the context of a hurricane encounter at sea, presents an emotionally charged reflection on the human spirit’s indomitable capacity to endure and emerge stronger.

Seconds To Sea’s forthcoming releases promise to further illuminate the vision behind the project, unravelling new chapters in the captivating story. With a unique ability to connect on a profound level, Matt Smith showcases his multifaceted artistry through his impressive song writing, production prowess, instrumental skills, and evocative vocals. As Seconds To Sea sails into uncharted waters, audiences can eagerly anticipate captivating musical endeavours that touch both the heart and the soul, forging an unwavering bond between the artist’s experiences and their own.


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