The song “Forever Changed” by American Metalcore band, Sever Red, resonates with the deep emotions of loss and longing for a departed loved one. Through powerful lyrics, the speaker reflects on the pain and unanswered questions surrounding the person’s departure, while also showing empathy for the struggles they faced. The song carries a glimpse of hope for a future reunion, suggesting that although they are separated for now, they will be reunited someday.


Sever Red emerged as a musical force in the Spring of 2023, spearheaded by the visionary front man, Kevin Riner. Their objective was to deliver captivating and intense rhythms complemented by soul-stirring narratives inspired by personal battles. Hailing from Virginia, the band boasts a lineup consisting of Josiah Wilder on guitar and vocals, Stefen Burns on drums, Tyler McKinney on guitar and vocals, and Stephen Mauk on bass. Their debut EP, “Sick & Tormented,” showcases Sever Red’s undeniable talent and solidifies their place within the Hard Rock genre.


Produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered by renowned Billboard #1 producer Josh Schroeder in Midland, Michigan, this EP features emotionally charged tracks such as “Forever Changed,” “Desperation,” “Gone,” “Afraid,” and “Thief.” Schroeder’s expertise has resulted in a polished sound that accentuates the raw energy and genuine passion emanating from Sever Red’s music. With notable collaborations with bands like Lorna Shore, The Color Morale, Varials, and Dayseeker, Sever Red’s EP sets the stage for their remarkable ascent in the rock music scene.


Overall, Sever Red’s “Forever Changed” encapsulates the universal experience of longing for lost loved ones, delivered with intense songwriting and supported by a talented group of musicians. Their debut EP, “Sick & Tormented,” stands as a testament to their musical prowess, expertly crafted by producer Josh Schroeder. As Sever Red continues to forge their path in the rock genre, their captivating sound and emotionally charged performances are bound to leave a lasting impact on listeners.


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