“Sleepless” by Suazo, an American progressive House artist, takes listeners on a mesmerizing melodic journey, capturing the raw emotions and struggles of those who share an unbreakable bond with the night and their personal demons. With its enchanting vocals and captivating beats, this track sets the perfect vibe for lounges in the bustling city or simply relaxing at home on a sunny Sunday with all the windows wide open. Seamlessly blending elements of progressive House, Suazo effortlessly creates an engaging and immersive experience that draws you in from start to finish. “Sleepless” is an inviting sonic masterpiece that invites you to embrace the night and feel the music deep within your soul.


“Sleepless” is a captivating new track that marks the triumphant return of Suazo to the music scene after a few years on hiatus. With this release, Suazo introduces a deep melodic sound that showcases his evolution as an artist. The inspiration for “Sleepless” stemmed from his immersive experience of traveling through Japan by train, where sleep deprivation and the enchanting landscapes merged with the influence of “Insomnia” by Faithless, resulting in a mesmerizing musical creation.

Suazo, a DJ and producer hailing from California, embodies the essence of the resurgent rave scene, infusing his tracks with infectious energy that compels listeners to move. His music defies genre boundaries, seamlessly blending diverse sounds and cultural influences to create a harmonious unity. What sets Suazo apart is his ability to maintain a human touch in a digital world, embracing technology without losing sight of the qualities that make music relatable and authentic.


Having performed at renowned venues such as Underground SF and Public Works, as well as showcasing his talents at the Lucidity festival, Suazo has shared the stage with esteemed artists like Mark Farina and Christian Martin. His willingness to explore new artistic frontiers, coupled with an open-minded approach, is what truly defines his sound. However, the greatest testament to Suazo’s success lies in his unwavering commitment to his audience’s satisfaction – he understands that the ultimate goal is to make people dance.


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“Sleepless” has been added to my “Summer Vibes“, and Wanderlust” ,  playlists on Spotify!