Monday May 30, 2022

“River Road” – The Reflections

Brooklyn, NY


If you dig bands that mix chill indie rock with a wholesome touch, the identical twins (Tim and Dan McGuigan) that make up The Reflections have you covered! Their single “River Road” paints a picture of being completely present in the moment, exploring the river bend, though the river could be a metaphor for life. 


“River Road” has been added to my “Summer Vibes” and “Chill Tunes” Spotify playlists!

“By The Way” – Kid Travis

Philidelphia, United States


If you currently have a crush on someone you’ve known for a while, this is a sweet song to add to your mixtape for them, (do people still do that these days?) An upbeat love song indie R&B/pop song, “By The Way” from Kid Travis is one of those songs that can appeal to anyone who digs artists like The Weeknd to artists like Selena Gomez. 


“By The Way” has been added to my “Summer Vibes” and “Chill Tunes” Spotify playlists!

“low;” – Glooms x Baby AK

United States


The juxtaposing raw sadness in the lyrics, while keeping the vibe musically upbeat, makes “low;” anthemic. This song was appropriately released nearing the end of Mental Health Awareness Month, and I feel like the upbeat music is symbolic of keeping your chin up while you’re in your feels. I’ve just heard of these artists, but already see this collaboration between Glooms and Baby AK will be played everywhere for a very long time!


“low;” has been added to my “Summer Vibes” and “Primp For A Night Out” and “Wanderlust” Spotify playlists!

“Stars” – The Dionysus Effect

United States


If you dig bands like Broken Social Scene, Blur, and Muse, you’ll love “Stars” by The Dionysus Effect!  It’s an upbeat, rock ‘n’ roll love song about truly loving someone forever.


“Stars” has been added to my “Summer Vibes” and “Wanderlust playlists on Spotify!

“I Will Survive” – Caitlynne Curtis

Nashville, TN


This is a sweet, uplifting song about a bond between a mother and a son.  Nashville singer, Caitlynne Curtis had her son at the age of 19. As she gave him life, he gave her life as well, and adorably lent out his voice during the last chorus of this song!


“I Will Survive” has been added to my “Summer Vibes” Spotify playlist!