Friday May 13, 2022

This list is very genre agnostic, just like my “Summer Vibes” playlist on Spotify! Here are 5 songs I would recommend for your summer playlist!

“Moving On” – GT_Ofice x Britt Lari

Miami, FL


With the positive message of moving on from the unfixable and stepping out of your comfort zone, paired with uplifting dance beats, “Moving On” by Miami-based producer, GT_Ofice featuring Peruvian (L.A.-based) singer, Britt Lari is an absolute summer 2022 dance anthem! 

“Not All Bad” – Dom Champ

Brighton, UK


Part jazz fusion, part spoken word, part UK hip-hop, “Not All Bad” by Brighton-based artist, Dom Champ is one of those songs you would hear at a nice downtown rooftop patio lounge, or even just chilling with a cold drink at home with all the windows open on a sunny day. Despite mentioning Stella Artois beer, I feel this song is best enjoyed with a super fancy beverage, or something!

“Bugatti Boi- Dance w/Me” – Drastik J

Chicago, IL


This EDM/House music track should be on every dance DJ’s playlist. I can definitely picture Drastik J’s single being blasted at a club in Ibiza, the sweaty, but very glamourous crowd goes nuts on the dance floor on hearing the intro! I can definitely hear a Euro dance flair, then a bit of hip-hop during the breakdown, which are my personal favorite parts of this track! 

“DNA” – Sea Girls



The chill, indie rock beat, and occasional hard-hitting drums, paired with the Beck-like vocals, then surprise, clean falsetto in the chorus = a great pop/indie rock tune! I love the one-take video for “DNA” (Directed by Becky Garner), filmed on a day off on tour in Zurich, Switzerland. The scenic video takes place in an open field  with the Alps and blue skies in the background. Just like the song: epitome of relaxing, but just energizing enough to listen to throughout the day!

“Mind Games” – Jesslyn



The stunning fusion of alternative / indie R&B, Afrobeats / Afro-pop / Afro-fusion, paired with Jesslyn’s buttery-smooth vocals is preceisely what every Summer 2022 playlist needs! Especially since summer is typically when people hop back into the dating scene, lyrics such as “You could say I complete you, you could say you want me too, Oh boy you had me settling, even though you’re tripping, now I gotta be me, tired of playing your mind games..” Jesslyn has a song you can play when you need that kick in the pants and not settle for stress over being alone, in case someone gives you a stressful experience.