“Malignant” by The Divergent, a Finland-based metal band, is a thrilling combination of anthemic, haunting, upbeat, and dark melodies, with an incredibly catchy rhythm. Every band member showcases strong talent, leaving me with no doubt that witnessing their live performance would be a breathtaking experience!


The Divergent is a metal band formed by Harri and Markus in 2015 that combines the best elements of metalcore, djent, progressive metal, and melodic deathmetal. Despite disbanding due to various reasons, Harri saw the potential of their songs and reformed the band in 2018 with Petri, Roni, and Eetu, landing positive attention for their EP and video of “Neuroplasticity.”


With new changes in their lineup, they released a new single “Stygian” with plans to release “their debut album. The album will showcase diverse themes from personal struggle to authoritarianism and extremism, creating poetic structures that mix history, psychology, and mythology. The Divergent is a band that understands the chaos of the modern era, using it to create an epic artform that offers hope to all.

Malignant is the electrifying 3rd single off of The Divergent’s highly anticipated album. Penned by Joonas Kataja and under the masterful composition of Markus Pulkkinen and Harri Moilanen, this track delivers a powerful message about the malicious individuals we encounter in life. Setting those malevolent figures aside, we see the triumph of good in the end as evil crumbles and their existence becomes plagued with bitterness and misery. Not to mention the track is mixed and mastered to perfection by Joona Muistola at HAW Studios and boasts an impressive video and album cover designed by none other than Harri Moilanen, himself. This is a song you’re going to want to crank up the volume and let yourself be consumed by!


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