Waterfront, a Calgary-based Hard Rock band, delivers an upbeat and catchy single titled “Keeping You Alive” that captures the essence of feeling betrayed and taken advantage of by someone close. In this song, the speaker expresses their frustration and resentment towards the toxic relationship they find themselves in. They convey their desire to free themselves from the burden of continuously fixing the other person’s mistakes and emphasize the inconsistency and invalidation they encounter when attempting to express their emotions. The recurring phrase “keeping you alive” symbolizes the speaker’s role in supporting and sustaining the other person while realizing the importance of prioritizing themselves.


Formed in 2019 with members who were music students at the University of Lethbridge, Waterfront has established their roots in the local music scene, gradually gaining traction across Canada. In 2021, the band released their debut EP, “New Heights,” in collaboration with Vancouver-based artists, The Faceplants. This successful partnership continued to bear fruit with the release of their sophomore EP, “Fever Dream,” in 2022. Eager to keep the spirit of rock alive and well, Waterfront infuses their music with high-octane energy that resonates with fans. Looking ahead to 2023, the band is poised to delve further into a harder sound, promising an exciting musical evolution.

Waterfront comprises five talented individuals who each contribute to the band’s distinctive sound. Lead vocals are skillfully handled by Dan Sequeira, while Tanner Cyr provides the bass and backing vocals. Devin Taylor shines on lead guitar, complemented by the rhythmic talents of Ryan Ross on rhythm guitar. Benjamin Forseth completes the ensemble with his dynamic drumming skills.


Overall, Waterfront’s “Keeping You Alive” showcases their ability to evoke emotions through compelling lyrics and energetic music. With their impressive debut and sophomore EPs under their belt, the band is primed for continued success in the rock genre, captivating audiences with their evolving sound and exceptional musical talent.


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