“World Ablaze” by Electric Colours feat. Tobias Rische & Silent Rick presents a mesmerizing depiction of a shattered world engulfed in despair. However, amidst the tumultuous chaos and enveloping darkness, humanity stands strong, uniting to ignite a courageous revolution. With unwavering determination, they join hands and forge a transformative path forward. The lyrics bear witness to their unyielding faith and the torment that ignites their resolve, pledging to persevere until the world undergoes a profound metamorphosis. Together, they weave an unbreakable tapestry of unity, resilient against all adversity. In this corrupted realm, they sow the seeds of hope and fortitude, recognizing that these foundations will nurture their strength. Unswayed, they persist in their quest to conquer the shadows, guided by the radiant light of companionship.


Electric Colours emerges as a transcendent blend of nu metal, alternative metal, metalcore, and modern rock, curated by Ian Bushell, an immensely talented South African musician, songwriter, and producer based in Bali. This collaborative endeavor shatters conventional band formats, welcoming diverse talents from various backgrounds to coalesce and create an electrifying musical experience. Their combined efforts yield an ever-evolving sound that pushes the boundaries of contemporary rock. With each featured artist infusing their distinctive style, Electric Colours takes listeners on a gripping auditory odyssey where community and creativity seamlessly converge, crafting something truly extraordinary.

Diving into the disarray of our world, Electric Colours’ debut single, “World Ablaze,” showcases a global ensemble of musicians hailing from South Africa, Brazil, and Germany. This powerful track delves deep into the heart of chaos, offering a resounding call to action in the face of adversity. It underscores the paramount importance of unity and collective action, urging humanity to rise above division and conflict. Keep your anticipation high for their upcoming single, “Freedom’s Anthem,” set to release on July 31st, 2024.


Noteworthy production credits for “World Ablaze” include Electric Colours taking charge of the music, production, and video, while Tobias Rische & Silent Rick lend their captivating vocal prowess. Kyle Williams contributes his exceptional drumming skills, and Chris Van Der Walt masterfully handles the bass. The track is mixed and mastered by the immensely talented Nick Matzkows, adding a final touch of brilliance.


In summary, “World Ablaze” is an enthralling musical masterpiece that explores the depths of despair and optimism through its poignant lyrics and breathtaking composition. Electric Colours’ ability to harness collective talent and push the boundaries of contemporary rock is awe-inspiring, leaving listeners eagerly awaiting their future releases.


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