As an individual who has battled PTSD for most of my adult life, my long-time readers are aware of how this disorder has affected me. Rather than initially seeking the necessary help from Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and temporary antidepressants, I relied on alcohol, getting into relationships to feel “normal”, moving out of town to literally “run away” from my triggers and feelings (spoiler: the unresolved issues just followed me to the new cities), and parties to escape from my intrusive thoughts.


However, I eventually realized that they weren’t healthy ways to cope with my symptoms. Even though medication isn’t for everyone, it was what I personally required to regulate my emotions through talk therapy for a few years. Listening to songs about dealing with PTSD now transports me back to the time when I definitely needed it the most, as it reminds me of my journey and emphasizes the significance of seeking fundamental resources for mental wellness. 


“Filling The Void” is a stunning and powerful piece, with a melodic bass story that illustrates the realities of frustration of feeling misunderstood and not being able to break the cycle, shame of the traumatic experiences and loneliness (when isolating from exhaustion of trying to put on the brave face while suffering in silence) a person struggling with PTSD and addiction endures. The music captures the raw emotions of the story, with soaring melodies that tug at the heartstrings and lyrics that deliver a heartfelt message, leaving listeners who struggle with PTSD and addiction feeling seen and understood. The deep synth and bass provide a rich, immersive experience that draws listeners in and keeps them engaged throughout.

Worlds Apart is not your average artist collective- it’s the perfect storm of creativity featuring three distinct talents at the helm. Lorenzo and Jason serve as the beating heart of the group, producing unique and electrifying sounds that leave listeners spellbound. Ashley’s passion for visual arts is what sets Worlds Apart miles apart from other collectives – her stunning electronic art takes fan experience to a whole new level.


Influenced by a diverse range of Melodic Bass artists such as Seven Lions, Trivecta, and Illenium, the group has found their footing in a genre where being unique is everything. They’ve been making waves in the electronic music scene, recently showing up on Blanco y Negro, Glitchworld Recordings, and LFTD, to name a few. The listener becomes swept into an otherworldly, melodic journey with soundscapes that transcend time and space. All in all, Worlds Apart exists as an ear-candy factory for anyone seeking inspired music that speaks to the heart – their music will captivate and thrill in equal measure.


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“Filling The Void” has been added to my “Summer Vibes“, and “Wanderlust”  playlists on Spotify!