“Hole In My Heart” by Zulhou is a burst of energy that encapsulates the raw emotions of heartbreak in a captivating manner. With their fifth release, Zulhou’s musical prowess shines through, delivering an upbeat and melodious song with killer dance beats.


Originating from Germany, Zulhou is a dynamic musical duo comprising Oliver and Michael. The duo not only writes and sings their music but also takes charge of its production, showcasing their immense talent and creative control. Their distinctive sound can be defined as a captivating blend of melodic, tech, dark, and indie elements.


Zulhou’s “Hole In My Heart” stands out as a refreshing take on the theme of heartbreak. Rather than dwelling in melancholy, the duo infuses the song with an infectious energy that is sure to resonate with listeners. The upbeat tempo, coupled with the mesmerizing melodies, creates an irresistibly catchy rhythm that urges you to dance along.

While the subject matter may be bittersweet, Zulhou’s skillful execution transforms the experience into a delightful journey. The juxtaposition of heartbreak and infectious beats makes “Hole In My Heart” an intriguing and unique addition to their discography.


Zulhou’s “Hole In My Heart” is a testament to their artistic growth and ability to captivate listeners. Their mastery in expressing complex emotions through energetic rhythms is commendable. With their distinctive sound and heartfelt lyrics, Zulhou is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.


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