“Antagonist-chan” by Czech artist, 4ra 4ra, falls into the captivating genre of Cyberphonk and serves as a tribute to the mesmerizing soundtracks commonly associated with Anime Villains. The exquisite blend of Electrometal and Phonk melodies, all wrapped in a cyberpunk essence, showcases the unique vocal talents of GrimesAI. The track builds up to an extraordinary conclusion, gracefully incorporating elements from a sampled Prelude and Fugue.


This sonic masterpiece truly embodies a forceful impact, boasting a remarkably polished sound production which is impossible to disregard. Its irresistibly infectious beats are guaranteed to envelop and captivate audiences, effortlessly creating an electrifying atmosphere at music festivals or clubs in urban centres.


△☰△2 Music multiverse, conceived by the visionary 4ra 4ra, draws inspiration from the realms of gaming, anime, and cyber culture. Within this world, the meticulously crafted industrial basslines create a futuristic ambiance, while delicate vocals add a striking contrast to the powerful synthesizers, resulting in an intriguing sense of chaos. This is a track that transports listeners directly into the climactic boss battle, bypassing any intermediate narratives.

4ra 4ra, originally renowned as a digital artist and painter, seamlessly transitioned into the realm of music. Her artistic background comes to life in her work, which seamlessly combines audio and visual elements to create a truly immersive experience. Fearlessly experimenting with intricate sound design and offbeat siren loli vocals, she takes full control of her music production and visual aesthetics, crafting gaming-inspired avatars that complement her live performances and music videos. Her deep connection to the world of video games is evident, influenced by her previous experience within the game development industry.


Overall, “Antagonist-chan” is a Cyberphonk masterpiece that pays homage to Anime Villains’ Soundtracks. By expertly fusing together Electrometal and Phonk elements with GrimesAI’s mesmerizing vocals, 4ra 4ra creates a uniquely cyberpunk experience. With its resounding finale and impeccable production, this track is undoubtedly a captivating force that will leave audiences entranced.


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