To accommodate various preferences, I have provided music submission options below:

  1. Email submissions – FREE! Please see guidelines below.
  2. Groover – use my referral code 2-KRYS-F053 for 10% off your first Groover campaign!
  3. SubmitHub

1. For music blog submissions, please include the following in your email to

  • Artist/band name
  • Your back story: 500 words maximum answering the 5 W’s of who is behind the music, what the song is about, funny/interesting story about the band or song writing process, etc. The more info, the better.
  • Link to your YouTube video
  • 1 to 3 promo pics (with photography credits) in PNG format (not zipped, under 650 px)
  • Links to your other platforms (Soundcloud, iTunes, Spotify, Instagram, etc.)

To submit music for Hypernova Radio, please email with the following:

  • High-quality MP3 song file (properly labelled: Artist Name – Song Title-Album Name)
  • Album art (.png or .jpeg preferred)
  • ISRC code
  • Press release (artist bio, what the song is about, press pics, social media links, streaming links)
  • Label name (if applicable)
  • OPTIONAL: Station ID MP3, saying: “Hey, this is {insert name here} from {band name} and you’re listening to Hypernova Radio!”
  • Please send all attachments via downloadable link ONLY (Dropbox, Google Drive, WeTransfer), as attachments quickly fill up the inbox. 


On-again-off-again music blogger since 2005. My first music blog took up just a tiny corner of a new, local tv station’s website. I was supposed to focus on speaking my mind about the stupidity of society, but then my friends in local bands started sharing their shows on MSN Messenger. Yes, I aged myself there. This is when I decided to use the platform I had to share their shows and new music.


Fast forward a few years, I was known as “Jersey Girl In Canada” on a Toronto-based online radio station that was called Jamsterdam Radio. I attended local shows and asked bands if they wanted to do interviews via voice notes on my phone. At times I had bands provide anticlimactic one-word answers, so I gave up interviewing for the most part and focused on reviewing.

After the radio days, I worked on tour with bands in the U.S., returned to Canada, and started my own music blog, which you see today. I cover songs from artists of all levels, all genres – as long as I dig the tune!