Wednesday May 18, 2022

Featuring a range of subgenres of metal, hard rock, and anything in between! If it’s heavy, it’s on this playlist!

“See Me Fall” – Break Me Down



If you love bands like Evanescence, Infected Rain, Spiritbox, and Diamante, Italy-based alternative metal band, Break Me Down is definitely worth checking out! Their latest single “See Me Fall” sounds like it’s about going through a breakup with a covert narcisist who broke off the union, rather than being honest and taking ownership of their lies throughout the relationship. The “dumpee” is hurt, isn’t ready to move on, but is stuck in the healing cycle of: not being ready to move on, in denial it’s over, being angry, and repeat. Sound familiar and relatable? Hit “play”!


With omnipotent lead vocals by Veronica Driven, backed by killer musical performances by Laerte Ungaro (guitar), Tommy Manza (bass), and Fabio Benedan (drums), “See Me Fall” is one of those songs that you can easily listen to on loop!

“Trash Fire” – Chesterdoom



Canadian east coast rockers, Chesterdoom are back with their latest single “Trash Fire”, the 4th single off their upcoming EP, due out in June 2022! 


They have a clean/radio version, but quoting the lyrics, “So far, so good, so f*cking what?” if there’s swearing? Yes, I still censored myself. Either way, I feel like it adds another layer to the rawness of the lyrics, the mood and the video edited entirely in sepia. Always love their videos!

“Trapped Inside Of Me” – Soundmankillz

Phoenix, AZ


Phoenix-based industrial metal band, Soundmankillz’s latest single, “Trapped Inside Of Me” off their Digital Dehumanization music series is about changing a self-destructive inner being. The song gets heavier and more agressive as the song progresses, parallel to the emotions one may experience while doing the inner work to heal and better themselves.


Soundmankillz has shared the stage with bands such as Buckcherry, Stabbing Westward, Tommy Vext, Filter, Orgy, Trivium, Otherwise, Gemini Syndrome, Suicidal Tendencies, Butcher Babies, and most recently Rob Zombie, just to name a few.


The band consists of: Eddie Lopez – lead vocals, Jeremy Baca –bass, Jared Bakin – lead guitar, & their newest member, Dan Johnson – drums. Dan is the former drummer of national bands Love and Death (fronted by Brian “Head” Welch from Korn), and Red.


“All This Beauty Can’t Be Real” – Chaosbay



If you dig bands like Memphis May Fire, Alexisonfire, and Lorna Shore, you’ll love the latest single from Germany-based alternative metal band, Chaosbay! 


“All This Beauty Can’t Be Real” is equal parts melodic, agressive, hopeful, gripping, catchy and raw! Loving the juxtposition!

“Suffocate” – Execution Day

United States


For fans of Bring Me The Horizon, Bad Omens, and I Prevail, American metalcore band, Execution Day releases serious bangers! I originally stumbled upon their previous single “Hollow” via Spotify a while back. 


A great single to release during Mental Health Awareness month, this new single illustrates the intense nightmare of suffering from crippling anxiety, something many can relate to, especially after what the world has experienced in 2020.  It feels like you can’t breathe, and like in the video, overcoming anxiety is like putting out a major housefire. Keep reminding yourself to breathe!