Sunday May 22, 2022

I wanted to create a playlist for those who want to travel the world, but can’t for whatever reason. My new “Wanderlust” playlist on Spotify features music in all languages, genres, by artists from all over the globe! Here are 5 honorable mentions to check out:

“Gulabo Meri” – Himmat Singh

Los Angeles, CA


If you dig artists like Jason Mraz, Khalid, and Daniel Caesar, you will love Himmat Singh. “Gulabo Meri” is a romantic song, reminiscent of the sweet R&B tunes of the ’90s, with some Punjabi lyrics added to the mix! would fall under the categories Neo-soul, alt/indie R&B, Punjabi folk. It has that “listening to a scratchy vinyl on a rainy day while holding hands with your love” kind of vibe.  With his sound, I can see Himmat Singh collaborate with various artists from different genres!


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*Also added to my “Chill Tunes” Spotify playlist



“(Ne Pas Partager) Let Her Go- Passenger (French Version)”- Pileos



A beautiful, earthy folk-pop song about the irony of only appreciating things once they’re gone. The music is chill and upbeat at the same time, with a bit of a “Ho Hey” vibe by The Lumineers towards the end, minus the stomping. 


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“Waiting On Your Stripes” – Griffo & Lord

United States


So this tune doesn’t remind me of traveling, but moreso “traveling back in time.” For me, this tune is very reminiscent of The White Stripes circa 2003, with that same “controlled chaos with a bit of a mechanical feel” energy. There’s a bit of a “Grease” soundtrack feel between verses. Appropriate that the duo, Matt Griffo and Jason Lord met in Chicago when writing the minor cult hit “Jersey Shore: The Musical”. Very theatrical sound- I can only imagine how their live shows must be! 


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*Also added to my “Summer Vibes” Spotify playlist

“Nightmare” – CircleKSK



CircleKSK is the name of a rock project from Japan, where they collaborate with different artists from around the globe, and the only consistent member is the composer. “Nightmare” is featuring Japanese model and singer, Tachibana Mococo. What I like the most about this song is it reminds me of the music I hear when I was on a Japan Airlines flight going to and from Narita airport! 


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“A Punto De Estallar”- We Are Mono

Barcelona, Spain


This single is a great addition to any beach party playlist! It reminds me of the songs they played on the radio when I visited Crete (an island off of Greece). Energetic, feel-good, disco vibes all around!


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