Saturday August 13, 2022

Pictured with Adam is his dance partner, Alba, who plays Eve, his frst love.

Have you ever fallen in love with someone and the only thing keeping you apart are the thousands of miles between you two? I mean, you could move on and date other people, but the heart wants what it wants, and sometimes long distance love pushes your limitations and tests exactly what you would do for love (planning times to video chat around different time zones, working extra travel expenses into your budget, alternating whose turn it is to visit the other, etc.), regardless of how inconvenient it is at times. That being said, I fully support long distance relationships! True love is a rare thing these days, so make it work!


Irish R&B artist, Adam O’Rua has released “Number 1” for all the long distance lovers out there who can relate! The single is off his forthcoming album, EVA, which is due for a September 2022 release.

A self-taught singer, dancer, producer and multi-instrumentalist, the bedroom is his studio and the streets, his stage and his dance floor. Adam moved to London, UK in 2017 to pursue his dreams of artistic performance, then returned to Ireland to reconnect at home, bringing in energy from the vibrant London underground scene to his hometown, Dublin.


Adam O’Rua on the single: I wrote this song about the ebb and flow of love and longing in the early throes of a long distance relationship. Traveling back and forth, deeply in love and missing each other desperately. Still knowing that the facetimes would soon turn into real times. Long summer drives and late parties under a warm, starry sky.”

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“Number 1” has been added to my “Summer Vibes” and “Chill Tunes” playlists on Spotify!