Against The Sun’s latest single “JAD” is not just another rock anthem, it’s a powerful plea for empathy towards victims of gun violence and their families. With shootouts taking the lives of too many individuals, many have become desensitized to the issue, but this hard rock band is not staying silent. In addition to the impactful message behind the song, it also features the compelling vocals of LA Hard Rock performer, Seth from Chasing Desolation.


Hailing from Orange County, California, Against The Sun brings a fresh sound to the rock/metal scene with their skillful blend of heavy instrumentals, raw emotion-filled lyrics, and engaging vocals. They have caught the attention of fans and record labels alike, showcasing their talent at renowned events like Knotfest 2019 and getting signed to Rise or Die Records. The band was initially formed as a creative outlet for singer/songwriter Brad West but came to life with the addition of guitarist Brad Mitchell and bassist Alex Galusha. And with the recent addition of drummer Conner Eddy, they are now stronger than ever.

This band’s talent is not only recognized by fans and industry professionals, but also by music critics like Jane Hawkins from York Calling who praised that “Against The Sun tactfully balances the pop and rock genres with huge riffs, hook-laden melodies, and a rhythm that never lets up.”


The band’s latest project is their take on Oingo Boingo’s classic track, “Dead Man’s Party,” which features their signature blend of heavy rock instrumentals, driving rhythm, and catchy harmonies. Against The Sun’s fresh take on the timeless track will surely attract both new and old fans to their music.


Against The Sun is here to redefine the rock/metal genre, and with their impressive blend of raw emotion and musical prowess, they prove to be a force to be reckoned with.


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