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Wednesday October 19, 2019

waylon reavis

As a mental health awareness advocate, I have a great appreciation when artists step up and use their platform to raise awareness on issues people tend to stay quiet about.


American rock band, A Killer’s Confession (led by vocalist, Waylon Reavis) is one of those bands. The latest video for their single Numb off their upcoming album The Indifference of Good Men is an effort to encourage those struggling to speak up when help is needed, and the drastic, devastating effects of internalizing issues.


Men are 3.5x at a greater risk for taking their own lives than women, due to internalizing their feelings rather than speaking up. According to the American Foundation For Suicide Prevention 47,173 Americans died by suicide in 2017 alone. More statistics are found here.

The end of this powerful video shares the Suicide Prevention Lifeline number in times of crisis.


In times of non-emergency when you need an unbiased ear to vent to, dial 311 to find free help lines in your region. Talking it out long before the issues build up can make a difference.


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