Have you ever been in a situationship where things are unclear, toxic and impossible most of the time, but yet you are still willing to undergo any kind of hardship to make it work out for both of you? You might have cut ties with friends and loved ones who interfered with the toxicity of the relationship. The song, ‘A Way Out’ by Allies Always Lie, perfectly captures the emotions associated with complex relationships. The song reveals a tumultuous relationship between two people where the narrator is attracted to the other person, even when they both know this is not for the best. The cycle of pursuit and withdrawal is continuous, with one person holding all the power. Despite the pain and confusion, the narrator is willing to keep trying, even if they have to burn certain bridges.


The latest single off of the quartet’s upcoming EP, Tension (available on all platforms on June 16, 2023) captures the ups and downs of relationships and the emotional turmoil that comes with it. It is easy to relate to the lyrics of the song and the struggles that come with a person who is bad for you, but still have a hold on your heart. The song’s message is that sometimes we have to make difficult choices and let go of toxic people in order to preserve our mental and emotional well-being. It can be an arduous journey, but it is worth it in the end.


Overall, “A Way Out” is a cautionary tale about relationships that may not be right for us but have a strong hold on our hearts. It is a well-produced, catchy, melodic, aggressive, emotional song filled with raw emotions, realism and hopefulness that, despite the challenges we face, we can always find our way out towards healthier and happier relationships.

Allies Always Lie is an edgy and dynamic Metalcore band hailing from Utah since their inception in 2015. The band comprises of four talented members- Justin Castrillo, Ihan Wessman, Kyler Mathews, and Nicklaus Johnstun- who aspire to create head-banging hits that stand out with their varied style.


Allies Always Lie had a tumultuous start, initially struggling with numerous member rotations before finally establishing a stable line-up. Today, the band has evolved within the music community to become a highly charged live-performance band, igniting stages across the country with their energetic stage presence. Allies Always Lie is consistently improving, and their commitment to growth in their sound and stage presence ensures that they are always a step ahead.


With no intention of slowing down, Allies Always Lie looks to continue pushing their dynamic sound to new heights and cement their reputation as one of the most enjoyable Metalcore bands to follow.


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