Are you currently experiencing stress during the holiday season or in general? Do you want to start journaling to unload your thoughts but don’t know where to begin? Look no further than “Stress Management 101 Journal” by Amanda Garrett, a talented Canadian Life Coach. This remarkable journal not only provides guidance on what to write, but also helps you stay on track with food preparation, water consumption, physical activity reminders, and even offers pages for a brain dump!


I must admit, this comprehensive 30-day workbook has been my saving grace during stressful and anxiety-ridden days. It has kept me focused on becoming the woman I aspire to be. The reason I initially purchased this book was quite serendipitous. During one of my sister’s fittings at Amanda’s wedding dress studio, I happened to strike up a conversation with Amanda herself. In a half-serious, half-joking manner, she remarked, “Maybe one day I’ll design a dress for your wedding!” At the time, my cynical self couldn’t fathom getting married, as it required putting myself out there and dating, which I had no interest in whatsoever. Nevertheless, I couldn’t ignore the look of hope in Amanda’s eyes when I revealed my deep-seated desire for a life partner. I confessed that while I wasn’t keen on entering the dating scene, I did yearn for a meaningful connection with a good man. That’s when Amanda uttered the words that struck a chord within me: “Stop blocking your blessings.” This simple sentence resonated deeply, as I had been guarding my heart for the past two and a half years since my last heartbreak.


Once I finally allowed myself to be vulnerable and open to new possibilities, I started engaging more with someone I had known for quite some time. Gradually, my icy demeanor thawed, and a relationship unfolded. Of course, opening yourself to love and initiating romantic connections can be anxiety-inducing, particularly if you’ve been hurt before. That’s where this journal truly shines. It has helped me organize my thoughts and act as a daily check-in, like a close friend looking after me. I highly recommend “Stress Management 101 Journal” as a thoughtful gift for loved ones or as a personal investment in self-care. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.


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