Thursday August 18, 2022


Many people out there hop onto dating apps or spend all this time and hard-earned money dressing to the nines to hit the clubs, in hopes of finding “the one”. Unfortunately, people meet the wrong people, get love-bombed just to end up heartbroken upon realizing the other person’s intentions did not match their words and initial actions. 


Prior to leaving the house, or even selecting cute selfies for dating apps, we need the reminder of our standards, self-worth and not to ignore the red flags. Being picky doesn’t mean you’re stuck-up, it just means you honor your own boundaries, which in turn, will attract those who will exchange that respect with you. 


Toronto-based pop artist, Analias has released a song I recommend you add to your “Primp For A Date” playlist: “Stay Away”! If you don’t get the chance to speak to a good friend that will remind you to stay away from the f**kboys (or f**kgirls, etc.), Analias has you covered in this three-minute reminder!

With a disco vibe and a bit of ’80s influence, the vibrant, catchy single relays a message to the gals and gays alike to resist the urge to settle on men who ultimately aren’t worth your time, tears or energy. The kinds of men who ‘deserve cold raviolis out of the can with no access to a can opener’ (I would still like to credit whoever that quote originated from)! Make the man (or whatever gender you’re into) earn your time via being friends first. Yeah, it’s great to engage in a fling if you’re into that, but if you want long-term love, the wait is worth it once you’ve built the solid foundation of trust in a friendship. Too many vultures out there in the dating world these days!

Inspired by his late father encouraging him to follow his dreams, Analias started writing pop songs unbound by genre and uploading them to YouTube. Since first emerging on the scene of The Voice France, with his run in the competition raising his profile through the roof, Analias has self-styled a dynamic career, which includes making himself at home in the world-famous Abbey Road Studios in London and more recently moving to Toronto to take over North America! We love to see it!


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“Stay Away” has been added to my “Summer Vibes” and “Chill Tunes” playlists on Spotify!