Germany’s Avalanche Effect makes a powerful return with their latest Alternative Metalcore single, “Manipulating Sky”. The track hits hard with emotional and heavy vibes, backed by the intense beats of their late drummer, Jannick, who unfortunately passed away this March. Jannick’s unwavering strength in battling cancer while appearing in several of their music videos just goes to show how devoted he was to the band. “Manipulating Sky” was originally planned before Jannick’s passing, but the band decided to dedicate it to him to honor his legacy. The remaining band members put on an emotionally-charged performance alongside their new drummer, Daniel Heuken, who has previously helped Jannick..

The dystopian cyberpunk single featuring the late Jannick closes out with a thought-provoking theme – what will happen to our legacy when we’re gone? With its hard-hitting riffs and emotionally charged vocals, “Manipulating Sky” showcases Avalanche Effect’s ability to flawlessly blend brooding screams and uplifting cleans into a truly captivating experience. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable track!



Writer, Director, DOP & Editor: Sebastian Pielnik

VfX: Sebastian Pielnik & Zelda Scholz Production Assistant: Johanna Runde Starring: Sophia Dorra, Benedikt Weißkopf, Oliver Viert

Extras: Lena Kluge, Carolin Pohlmann, Vincent Pohlmann, Helena Simaneck, Till Ludwig, Leon Borgdorf, Noah Müller, David Fuß

Location: Pitchet’s Vintage Studio Music

Written by: Oliver Viert & Avalanche Effect

Lyrics: Oliver Viert & Benedikt Weißkopf Produced, mixed & mastered by :Timo Bonner at Mega Blaster Recordings


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