Swiss Metalcore band, Cevret, has joined forces with Andy Cizek to deliver a gripping and intense metalcore anthem that delves into the theme of truth censorship. The track, titled “Blinded,” captivates listeners with its powerful music and a mesmerizing combination of piercing screams and captivating clean vocals.


Accompanying the intense sound is a visually stunning dystopian-themed music video that perfectly mirrors the intensity of the music. This impeccable synchronization between the visual and auditory elements creates a truly immersive experience for the audience, stimulating all their senses.


The thought-provoking lyrics of “Blinded” revolve around the concept of blindness, both literal and metaphorical. The speaker expresses their deep frustration with the obliviousness of society to the darkness and vulgarity that surrounds them. They question how others can remain blind to the atrocities happening right in front of their eyes, attributing this blindness to self-absorption and ignorance. The lyrics emphasize the consequences of such blindness, illustrating that evil thrives when people fail to see. Ultimately, the song urges listeners to open their eyes and gain awareness of the world around them.

Cevret, the solo artist and multi-instrumentalist hailing from Zurich, Switzerland, infuses his raw energy, powerful melodies, and profound lyricism into the metalcore genre. With “Blinded” featuring the dynamic vocals of Andy Cizek from Monuments, Cevret solidifies his place in the metal scene and leaves an indelible mark on his listeners.


As a part of his upcoming album, “Sensus,” “Blinded” adds further depth to Cevret’s discography. The track serves as a visceral journey that explores the gradual decay of societal truths and moral values. Through the metaphorical lens of diminishing sight, the song highlights the constant struggle against deception and the blurred lines between right and wrong in our contemporary society.


Overall, “Blinded” is a captivating and powerful single that showcases the immense talent and artistic vision of Cevret. With its intense music, profound lyrics, and striking visuals, this track leaves a lasting impact and invites listeners to reflect on the state of our society.


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