Have you ever experienced the bewildering feeling of being adored by someone without fully grasping why? It’s not uncommon to question their true intentions, wondering if they’re simply showering you with affection until they find someone new. Many individuals struggle to recognize their own remarkable qualities, often serving as their own harshest critics. In his latest single, “Hold On Me,” American Pop Rock artist, Braeker offers a unique perspective from the partner’s point of view, shedding light on what your significant other may genuinely think of you.


With its infectious melodies and upbeat yet intense composition, “Hold On Me” invites the listener to envision themselves through the eyes of the narrator. By doing so, they would gain a deeper understanding of the profound impact they have on their partner’s life. The lyrics empathetically acknowledge the struggle of self-perception and reassure the person that they are more than deserving of love, adoration, and commitment. Furthermore, they express frustration at the disconnect, longing for their partner to comprehend the depth of their affection, regardless of any challenges they may face.


The track captivates with its fusion of bright Pop vocals, a potent Rock sound, and occasional powerful Metalcore screams. This combination effectively encapsulates the conflicting emotions experienced when attempting to convey unwavering love and admiration for someone who holds immense significance in our hearts. “Hold On Me” showcases Braeker’s skill in creating a catchy yet emotionally charged musical expression.

Braeker’s fusion of Pop, Rock, and Metalcore has successfully captivated a devoted fanbase within the underground music scene. With each passing day, his global following continues to grow exponentially, as thousands of dedicated listeners indulge in his music on a regular basis. Originating from Dallas, Texas, Braeker has triumphed over numerous challenges and adversities, skillfully channelling them into his song writing. Recently, he faced a major obstacle when he was entangled in a lawsuit over his previous stage name. While many artists might have thrown in the towel, Braeker seized this opportunity to rebrand himself and propel his musical career to even greater heights.


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“Hold On Me” has been added to my “Heavy, “Summer Vibes“, and Wanderlust” ,  playlists on Spotify!