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Monday December 6, 2021

Breaking In A Sequence

You know that feeling of being in a toxic relationship (with a romantic partner, friends, family, co-workers,etc.), but feel like you’re stuck because you desperately want things to become better, but you know the healthier option is to find your way out?


You feel like you’re doing the right thing by powering through the suffering (because ‘no one is perfect’), becoming a shell of yourself, along with the rapid erosion of your confidence and self-worth as the situation breaks you down, until one day, you finally had enough. Maybe you even dull your own sparkle to accommodate someone else’s ability to shine…

If I just described you: STOP. You deserve to be the brightest, shiniest version of yourself and you deserve to surround yourself with people who are not only in your circle, but in your corner when it matters.


With lyrics like: “Stability’s at odds with itself/ Any day now it could give out/ Thoughts runaway head filled with doubt
Set yourself up for submission/ Overwhelming opinions/ Washing reason away”, “Twine” by Huntington Beach-based rock band, Breaking In A Sequence seems to be the anthem for these kinds of situations. Just like the visualizer (by Clint Collins), this single can mean something to different people in various situations.

The ensemble, which formed in 2018, consists of Rich Nguyen (vocals), Chris Dorame (bass), Joe Taback (guitar/backing vocals), Mike Martin (guitar), and ex-Korn drummer, David Silveria. 


As quoted from the press release: “The debut singles (“Pity” & “Change Your Mind”; released January 4, 2019) were met with tremendous fanfare. “Pity”, the edgier track of the two, has helped grow the band’s following exponentially in the United States and abroad. “Change Your Mind”, showcases the band’s softer, melodic side. The two singles were released as a SIDE A/B; a throwback to the ’80s and ’90s single releases. “Pity” peaked (6/18/19) in the TOP 25 (#23) on the Billboard (BDS) Indicator Chart and TOP 10 (#9) on the Foundations (SMR) Chart. It has reached over 264,000 streams on Spotify and 54,000 views on YouTube. A third single “Hesitation”, was released July 16, 2019, to radio with an accompanying music video. The song is the exact middle ground between the edgier “Pity” and softer/melodic “Change Your Mind”. “Hesitation” peaked (10/15/2019) in the TOP 25 (#24) on the Billboard (BDS) Indicator Chart and TOP 10 (#6) on the Foundations (SMR) Chart. It has reached over 26,000 streams on Spotify and 72,000 views on YouTube.” 

I haven’t heard of this band before {because apparently I’ve been living under a rock}, but I’m glad they’re finally on my radar! I checked out their other tunes on Spotify and I basically added all of them to my ever-growing “Heavy” playlist.


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