Wednesay August 10, 2022

Photo credit: Sebastian Schulz

When artists use their platforms (or write and release whole songs) to artistically promote something they strongly believe in -such as living a peaceful coexistence with all living beings- I admire that. Germany-based progressive metalcore band, Chaosbay does this with their melodic, piercing, and meticulously arranged single, “2 Billion”! If you haven’t heard about them before, I’m confident you’ll fall in love with their sound!


Lyricist Jan Listing elaborates on the song’s topic:
“2 BILLION” is one of several stations of the time traveler who is described as the protagonist in this album. In the future, it will become clear that sooner or later nature will have to take back
what it needs to be able to accommodate us humans as a species for even longer. I dream of seeing life on earth not only as a ‘mutual exploitation’, but as a symbiosis that enables us to live a peaceful coexistence not only with other humans, but also with nature.”

Chaosbay consists of: Jan Listing (Vocals, Guitar), Alexander Langner (Guitar), Matthias Heising (Bass), and Patrick Bernath (Drums).


Chaosbay’s upcoming shows:

August 11, 2022: Eschwege, Open Flair
September 30, 2022: Kassel, Franz Ulrich
October 1, 2022: Ilmenau, Baracke
October 20, 2022:  Mannheim, 7er
October 21, 2022: Stuttgart, Club Zentral
October 22, 2022: Münster, Rare Guitar
October 27, 2022: Berlin, Cassiopeia
October 28, 2022: Hamburg, Astra Stube
October 29. 2022: Weimar, Kasseturm
February 16, 2023: Osnabrück, Bastard Club
February 17, 2023: Hannover, Lux
February 18, 2023: Köln, MTC
February 23, 2023: Jena, Rosenkeller
February 24, 2023: Schweinfurt, Alter Stattbahnhof
February 25, 2023: München, Backstage
March 2, 2023: Leipzig, Hellraiser
March 3, 2023: Dresden, Loco
March 4, 2023: Magdeburg, Feuerwache
March 11, 2023: Bochum, Trompete


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“2 Billion” has been added to my “Heavy” and “Wanderlust” playlists on Spotify!