CHILIØ, a band hailed as punk rock, dreamycore, punkadelic, and more, comprises five intriguing individuals from diverse backgrounds and continents, who have made Calgary their home. Their music is characterized by cosmic fractaling riffs, lush cascading guitars, wavy angelic leads, and intensely thrusting grooves.


One of CHILIØ’s remarkable tracks, “only way out is through,” delves into the profound realization of avoiding truth and shirking responsibility. The song acknowledges the possession of necessary tools for improvement, yet the neglect in utilizing them. It urges perseverance and promises the potential for growth. Notably, the lyrics caution against self-deception and disingenuousness as desperate measures to evade challenging circumstances. Furthermore, the song explores the contrasting consequences of resistance versus acceptance of grief. The speaker boldly asserts their fortitude and resolve to triumph over obstacles, demonstrating unwavering presence and empowerment in the face of adversity.


From start to finish, CHILIØ’s music pulses with an enthralling energy that captivates listeners. The band’s eclectic blend of genres creates a distinct sonic experience, blending punk rock’s gritty intensity with dreamycore’s ethereal allure. Their soundscapes are awash with cosmic resonance, seamlessly entwining fractaling riffs with mesmerizing guitar layers. With every strum and beat, CHILIØ showcases their undeniable musical prowess and ability to transport listeners to ethereal realms.

“only way out is through” stands as a testament to CHILIØ’s lyrical depth and storytelling prowess. The lyrics resonate with raw honesty, allowing listeners to connect with their own experiences of avoiding the truth. With poetic finesse, CHILIØ emphasizes the importance of confronting one’s demons, accepting responsibility, and embracing personal growth. Through heartfelt verses and anthemic choruses, the band paints a vivid picture of resilience and resilience, leaving an indelible mark on the listener’s soul.


CHILIØ’s latest offering is a mesmerizing journey, a sonic expedition that challenges and inspires. Their unique blend of punk rock and dreamycore transcends conventional boundaries, resulting in a captivating musical experience. With “only way out is through,” CHILIØ cements their position as a band unafraid to delve into the depths of human emotion, crafting music that resonates on a profound level. Bewitching and enigmatic, CHILIØ is a force to be reckoned with in the music scene, leaving a lasting impact with every chord struck and every word uttered.


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