Friday June 3, 2022

“Dear Rosé” – Sangstaa

Los Angeles, CA/ South Korea


South Korean-born, Los Angeles-based Indie R&B artist, Sangstaa has perfectly illustrated the emotional tug-of-war that breakups can bring forth with his latest single “Dear Rosé”, especially when there are still looming questions and differences that one party wants to sort out. The feelings of regret, sadness, wanting to patch things up, still loving them despite being mad, etc… Literally all the feelings at once!


“Dear Rosé” has been added to my “Summer Vibes” and “Chill Tunes” playlists on Spotify!

“Boat On The Water” – Skinny Dippers

Brooklyn, NY


Picture sitting on the end of a pier or on a sailboat at sunset on a clear day, overlooking calm water. What kind of music would you listen to while taking in the serene ambiance? “Boat On The Water” by Skinny Dippers. Definitely!


Upon first listening to the latest single from this Brooklyn-based indie rock project (fronted by singer/songwriter Ryan Gross), the person the lyrics are directed to changes from “her” to “you, so it could be about being in love with a friend while he’s taken, or it could be the thoughts directed at the person he loves, then when referring to the love as “her”, it could be an inner dialogue. Either way, it’s beautiful, senitmental, with breathy vocals and I love it. 


“Boat On The Water” has been added to my “Summer Vibes” and “Chill Tunes” playlists on Spotify!

“run” – Randy Beth

United States


“Run” by American indie R&B songstress, Randy Beth poetically illustrates how in relationships, we ignore the signs of incoming danger/stress, as we are in love with being in love to the point of ignoring the sings of incoming danger/stress. This leads to things being left unsaid, and the unravelling of a partnership before it ultimately falls apart. Though a sad song, Randy Beth’s soulful voice paired with the calm, ambient music is really easy to listen to, no matter what mood you’re in! 


“run” has been added to my “Summer Vibes” and “Chill Tunes” playlists on Spotify!

“Candy Flip” – Jack West 

United States


A true chill song. I love the muted “marching drum” sounds, paired with a bit of a dream pop vibe. I Googled the term “candy flip” and it’s the mixture of two different chemical drugs, that sends one into a euphoria. This could also be a song about being so engulfed in love or making love, that it sends you into euphoric bliss. Either way, a beautiful song, love the vibe!


“Candy Flip” has been added to my “Summer Vibes” and “Chill Tunes” playlists on Spotify!

“Terminator” – Polartropica

Los Angeles, CA


I love this song because it gives me a bit of Lana Del Rey etherial vibes, mixed with a cocktail of futuristic synths and quirky pop melodies.  There is a clear juxtaposition between the chill, yet upbeat music and the melancholic lyrics.


Taiwan-born, California-raised space-pop artist, Polartropica (Cherise Wu) wrote “Terminator” during the pandemic lockdown, undergoing personal turmoil and while there was violence against the AAPI community and seniors. “Terminator” was written as a goodbye letter to someone she loved. A song of feeling empowerment and undeniable strength in the midst of sadness and chaos.


“Terminator” has been added to my “Summer Vibes” and “Chill Tunes” playlists on Spotify!