Saturday August 13, 2022

Photo credit: Nick Hargans

I’ve noticed the songs that hit you the hardest are the ones with a backstory you can relate to on a deep, personal level. Never in a million years would I have thought someone else at any point in history would try to simultaneously juggle grieving the loss of a family member while dealing with the end of a long relationship. You literally feel like you’re the only one to ever go through that at the time, as it just seems so unreal. The intense hurricane of emotions that swing you from frustration and anger to deep sadness, and back. Stuck in a state of rumination, trying to process everything at once, with no time to ground yourself to enjoy the present moment, finding it hard to breathe.


During these trying times, it is important to have healthy outlets, whether it be grief counselling, writing, exercise, allowing yourself to feel in order to heal – or a balance of all. 


Brisbane-based progressive-metal band, Citadel has released “Parasyte”, in which the lyrics were written by their guitarist, Nat Patterson during the time he was experiencing a double-grievance.

“Parasyte” is not only poetic, the raw emotion combined with razor-sharp musicianship shows so much respect for the subject matter. Emotionally, the song’s progression perfectly embodies the stages of grief from somber, slow, sadness, and as more is revealed (the processing stages), one becomes overwhelmed with complete and utter rage, just wanting to scream everything out. 


“Parasyte was written at a very dark time in my life, following the end of an engagement and the death of a close family member as well, and is one of the only songs we have where I also wrote the lyrics.
Parasyte tackles the complex and harrowing feelings I felt directly after my fiance and I broke it off. I had moved back to my parent’s house to kind of “start over”, and was enduring feelings ranging from deep sadness to burning frustration and anger at how things had turned out.” Nat Patterson, Citadel

Guitarist, Nat Patterson was experiencing nightmares, placed in wedding scenarios, during the time that the song was written. Channeling this, the band worked with Nick Hargans (Dregg, Stepson,
Columbus) to create a music video that depicted the situations conjured in Patterson’s mind, intertwining death, separation & grief throughout. Beginning with Russell Miller serenading an empty
church behind a black piano, the video is layered with the song, showcasing the death of the male character, before the band appear as the chorus drops with heavier instrumentation.


This Sunday, August 21, Citadel will play a show at The Triffid in Brisbane with Voyager, Acolyte, The Stranger & more!


You can purchase tickets here.


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