“Endless Wells” by Canadian band Cliffside is a compelling metalcore anthem that delves deep into the inner struggles of self-doubt and ultimately triumphs in the realization of one’s own worth. The band, consisting of Joel Issler on guitar and vocals, Ben Davis on bass, and Taylor Thomas on lead vocals, hails from the vibrant cities of Vancouver and Kelowna in British Columbia, Canada. Since their formation in 2017, Cliffside has been on a relentless journey to refine their sound and expand their musical repertoire.


Having released their debut EP “Wilderness” in 2019, Cliffside faced the challenge of navigating the turbulent seas of a global pandemic while maintaining their creative momentum. Undeterred, they retreated to the hallowed confines of Oodelally Recordings, collaborating with acclaimed producers Jordan Chase (known for his work with Secret & Whisper, Stutterfly, and Shreddy Kreuger) and Colton Douglas (of Stasis and Cloaker fame). The result is a powerful evolution of their signature sound, firmly establishing Cliffside as one of the rising stars in the metalcore scene.


However, the ambitions of Cliffside extend far beyond mere musical accolades. With their music, they strive to inspire self-worth and ignite a flame of hope within their listeners. Rooted in personal experiences of both triumph and tribulation, Cliffside weaves together vulnerability, authenticity, and an open-minded perspective to create music that resonates on a profound level.

“Endless Wells” is a testament to this ethos. Through its infectious melodies, blistering riffs, and emotionally charged lyrics, the song serves as a rallying cry for individuals who have ever questioned their own value. Cliffside’s unwavering determination to craft music that connects on an emotional and intellectual level makes them a force to be reckoned with in the metalcore genre.


Overall, Cliffside’s “Endless Wells” is a transformative musical experience that combines exceptional musicianship with profound introspection. Undoubtedly, they are poised to make a lasting impact on the future of metalcore, captivating audiences with their unmatched talent and unwavering commitment to inspiring self-worth and hope in others.


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