Sunday August 7, 2022


Sometimes your ears are blessed with an upbeat, non-profane love song where the sound is stripped down to the elegance and simplicity comparable to ’90s R&B. The Georgia-based collective, Cold Weather Music Group have brought this to the world in the single “She Never There”! 


Complete with endearing lyricsm, smooth, melodic vocals, and decadent layers of crisp. clean beats, this single is a must for your playlist dedicated to falling in love in the summer!

The debut artist and creator of Cold Weather Music Group LLC, is based out of Cobb County GA, but originally born in a town in Connecticut, just 45 minutes away from the mecca of hip hop. He strives for creativity, he longs for the new sound, and his unique techniques surely never disappoints! Loui has always been musically adept, dating back to when he was just 7 years old, in his mothers living room shooting unofficial cover music videos for popular records out at the time. 
“We are a collective of scholars, musicians, composers, audio and visual engineers, artists and producers who focus on delivering amazing songs and think-pieces for the masses to reflect on. We strive for what the word ‘Culture’ stands for, and look to keep it intact, all while innovating new ideas into fruition. Cold Weather forever.”

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“She Never There” has been added to both my “Summer Vibes” and “Wanderlust” playlists on Spotify!