Dark Divine, the Orlando-based Metalcore band, has just dropped the ultimate headbanging anthem with their latest track, “Dancing Dead”. This multifaceted song features powerful screaming verses interlaced with melodious clean vocals in the chorus and bridge, creating a perfect dichotomy of sound. At 2:27, the song slows down just enough to give the listeners a much-needed break before they inevitably get back to moshing at summer concerts. If you’re looking for a song to get your heart racing and ears ringing, “Dancing Dead” is the one for you!


Dark Divine is comprised of five talented musicians – Anthony Martinez on vocals, Jason Thomas Mueller and Robby Lynch on guitars, Triston Blaize on drums, and Jarret Robinson on bass. Their music is a testament to the undeniable power of darkness, which can both terrify and captivate us with its mystery and despair.

The hard rock act masterfully captures the sinister essence of darkness in their singles “Circles” and “Run Away”, which have a horror-driven atmosphere that’s both theatrical and haunting. Despite their conceptual ideology, their hard-hitting instrumentation and powerful vocals firmly establish them as an exciting new mainstay of the hard rock and metal genres.


Dark Divine has already gained considerable support from Octane with their hit song “Halloweentown”, and have shared the stage with Famous Last Words, Limbs, and other prominent acts. They are set to embark on their first national tour with Until I Wake and Catch Your Breath this spring. You won’t want to miss out on the thrilling experience that is Dark Divine!


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“Dancing Dead” has been added to my “HEAVY” and “Wanderlust” ,  playlists on Spotify!