darkDark’s “Design Manual” by the talented duo of Chris James and Genevieve Vincent takes listeners on a mesmerizing journey to a post-apocalyptic future. Through ethereal vocals and mesmerizing beats, the album immerses the audience in a celestial musical experience, guiding them through histories, zoology, psychology, and fantasies. With profound reflections on society’s downfall, the album raises the question of whether newly created beings can avoid repeating humanity’s past mistakes.


The beautiful narrative of the album explores the delicate balance between advancement and the shadows of history. darkDark masterfully encapsulates the theme of transcending humanity’s past frailties, conveying the AI’s pride in its creation and its yearning for imaginative growth. The listener is invited to contemplate the profound questions and challenges faced by the proto-humans on their transformative journey.


Chris James and Genevieve Vincent’s visionary approach to music is evident in their fusion of cinematic synths with modern pop, creating an uncanny futurism that sets their sound apart. The single “Cult” from their forthcoming album “Ghost Complex” is a prime example of their unique blend, with its dynamic ebb and flow. Genevieve’s classical training as a composer and producer, along with her experience in scoring films and TV shows, brings a fresh and innovative perspective to darkDark’s sound. Chris, with his expertise as a composer, mixer, and sound designer, contributes additional layers of depth to their collaborations.

With their debut EP “Heathered,” darkDark has already made waves in the music industry, earning praise from respected outlets such as NOISEY and NPR’s All Songs Considered. The duo’s infectious tracks captivate listeners, leaving them hungry for more. darkDark’s ability to draw inspiration from electronic music’s history while remaining forward-thinking is a testament to their creativity and artistic vision. Their unconventional work practice, passing ideas between Los Angeles and Austin, adds an extra layer of synchronicity to their music, resulting in an aural sweet spot for the audience to enjoy.


Overall, darkDark’s “Design Manual” offers a captivating musical journey that transports listeners to a post-apocalyptic future. Through celestial vocals, mesmerizing beats, and thought-provoking questions, the duo crafts original and forward-thinking music that pushes the boundaries of electronic music. Chris James and Genevieve Vincent’s collaboration is a testament to their artistic synergy, resulting in a truly remarkable and immersive listening experience.


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