“Cold” by Dark Divine, an American Metalcore band, delves into the depths of emotional torment and vulnerability within a relationship. The song captures the sensation of chilling hopelessness when the protagonist is in close proximity to the person they address. They question if this individual harbors resentment, as their words contradict their true feelings. A sense of numbness resonates within, illustrating the fear of revealing weakness. Haunted by past hurts, they believe the person they address finds pleasure in their suffering. Amidst the agony, they yearn for an escape, emphasizing the profound impact this relationship has on their self-worth. Nevertheless, they defiantly affirm that their adversary will never obliterate the finest aspects of their being.


Dark Divine, composed of Anthony Martinez (vocals), Jason Thomas Mueller (guitar), Robby Lynch (guitar), Triston Blaize (drums), and Jarret Robinson (bass), embodies the captivating power of darkness. With a blend of uncertainty, fear, and romanticized mystery, their music has a mesmerizing allure. Hailing from Orlando, FL, this Hard Rock act delivers a sentiment of anguish mixed with a profound understanding. Their recently released singles “Circles” and “Run Away” showcase Dark Divine’s ability to create a horror-driven atmosphere in a theatrical way. Beyond their conceptual ideology, the band exhibits hard-hitting instrumentation and powerful vocals that solidify their status as a fresh mainstay in the hard rock and metal genres.

Dark Divine has already garnered notable support from Octane for their song “Halloweentown” and has shared stages with Famous Last Words, Limbs, and others. Their upcoming national tour with Until I Wake and Catch Your Breath this spring promises to further solidify their presence in the music scene. In a world drawn to darkness, Dark Divine reigns as masters of capturing its essence and weaving it seamlessly into their music. The band’s ability to deliver a chilling yet captivating experience makes them a force to be reckoned with, destined to leave an indelible mark in the world of hard rock and metal for years to come.


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