Saturday November 5, 2022

I can list a myriad of reasons to never sleep on new talent, but I’ll just share an example: Hailing from the Northern Germany (Norddeutschland) city of Kiel, the band, decades., is setting the metalcore scene ablaze with their self-made debut music video for “My Gravity”! This DIY performance video displays the band’s stage presence, each member with their own intriguing vibe!


This promising emerging band consists of Niklas (vocals), Thorben (drums), Chris (guitar) and Yannik (guitar). Their single -off of their debut EP “Time Illusion”- is packed with progressive, ambient rhythms; haunting, aggressive lead vocals paired with melodic harmonies, immaculate composition and a bittersweet atmosphere – an arresting combination that will inspire you to hop into the mosh pit!

The debut EP Time Illusion was released on August 12, 2022, and was recorded entirely by the band themselves, partially in recording studio Raum36 in Kiel, and in the band’s rehearsal room. This six-track EP features a 25-minute instrumental interlude! The EP was mixed and mastered by Radu Precup of MetalBiscuit Recordings.


While days are merging, and seconds are turning into hours, this album is a reflection of the times we live in, summarized in a {universal love} language that everyone understands: music!

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“My Gravity” has been added to my “Heavy” and “Wanderlust” playlists on Spotify!