DJ Redness teams up with Nathan Mitchell in the vibrant and infectious Progressive House track “Diamonds,” resulting in a captivating fusion of house and jazz that is sure to mesmerize listeners.


Hailing from the bustling city of Tampa, Florida, DJ Redness sets dance floors ablaze with his unparalleled talent and remarkable skills on the turntables. With a keen ability to gauge the crowd’s energy, Redness effortlessly delivers mind-blowing beats that leave a lasting impact. His prowess behind the DJ booth has now translated into a flourishing career in the recording studio.


Whether he’s crafting exhilarating main room House anthems, delving into the depths of deep tech, or exploring the realms of trap, Redness fearlessly ventures into diverse genres of dance music. His signature sound is characterized by robust beats, infectious grooves, and captivating vocal hooks that enchant listeners and keep them craving more. Collaborating with luminaries such as Superstar Keoki, Dan Diamond, Vicious Vic, and many others, Redness has amassed an impressive 500,000 plays on Soundcloud alone.

Beyond his musical endeavors, Redness extends his influence as a multimedia sensation, curating his own YouTube channel, “Redness Adventures.” This platform provides exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the world of clubland, parties, and events where Redness commands the spotlight.


Just like the color red itself, Redness exudes an aura of boldness, power, and boundless energy – a force to be reckoned with. Teaming up with DJ Tommie Sunshine for their highly anticipated dance floor anthem set to reverberate worldwide, Redness is poised for a career breakthrough that will ignite the airwaves. Whether you find yourself in the heart of the club or immersed in your headphones, Redness will keep you enthralled until the first light of day.


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“Diamonds” has been added to my “Summer Vibes“, and Wanderlust” ,  playlists on Spotify!