“DREAMER DREAMER’s ‘Echo’ captures the essence of yearning and uncertainty with poetic prowess. The lyrics depict the protagonist’s poignant experience of hearing echoes from the past, yet grappling with their inability to fully express their emotions. In this introspective journey, they question the adequacy of their efforts and contemplate the possibility of moving on. Amidst the overwhelming solitude, they reminisce about a time when they believed in their own potential for greatness. The speaker navigates the complexities of a turbulent relationship, feeling a sense of detachment and uncertainty about its future. However, they ultimately embrace the decision to part ways with their companion, acknowledging that they won’t accompany them as their world crumbles.


DREAMER DREAMER, the brainchild of Hannes Pröstler, a talented Vienna-based multi-instrumentalist and producer, weaves together the melancholic nature of Spacegrunge, infused with nostalgic elements of the 90s, and the contemporary influences of Shoegaze and Pop-Punk. Pröstler’s musical versatility shines through as he melds intimate yet powerful vocals with colossal guitar walls and atmospheric synth soundscapes. Drawing inspiration from acts like the Smashing Pumpkins and the raw vocals of Chester Bennington, he crafts an emotive universe that effortlessly resonates with listeners.

As an independent artist, Pröstler takes on multiple roles, encompassing songwriting, production, vocals, instrumental performances, and even self-publishing through his own label. His commitment to his craft shines through in his latest single, ‘Echo.’ The track holds profound significance for Pröstler, acting as a testament to his resilience in the face of self-doubt. In the song, he confronts those who belittled his talent or questioned his worth, serving as an anthem for all the naysayers in his life.


With its captivating lyrics and impeccable musical craftsmanship, ‘Echo’ stands as a testament to DREAMER DREAMER’s ability to create deeply connective experiences for listeners. The haunting beauty of the composition lingers long after each resonating chord fades away, leaving an indelible mark on the soul. DREAMER DREAMER’s ‘Echo’ embodies the transformative power of music and invites us to embrace our own journey of self-discovery and acceptance.”


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