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Our voices are precious gems that we unlock at just the right moment, as if it were fate. They allow us to connect with each other on a deeper level, and Earth Groans has fully embraced and recognized the potential of their voice by crafting a unique sound that fuses aggressive metallic precision and hardcore chaos.


The South Dakota outfit, under the vision of frontman Jeremy Schaeffer, has amassed a dedicated following and millions of streams, making 2023 Tongue Tied EP [Solid State Records] all the more potent. This EP holds a special significance for Schaeffer, as it tells his story, starting with the title, which is a reflection of his journey.

I was actually born tongue tied,” he states. “I had skin all the way up to my teeth, and I couldn’t move my tongue at all. They performed the surgery right away and freed my tongue completely. Throughout my life, it has been a metaphor. I’ve always had a hard time fitting into the community I’m in. This whole record refers to a person finding his or her voice. I found my voice through music. It’s how I’ve been able to communicate what’s on my heart and find my true calling. My dad always said, ‘Ironically, you don’t talk a whole lot, but your music is really loud’.”


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“Overgrown” has been added to my “HEAVY“, and “Wanderlust”  playlists on Spotify!