When it comes to music, my heart beats to the rhythm of anything that can get me moving while also tapping into those mysterious aspects of life and love. And if you’re looking for something that delivers all that and more, then you need to check out Ekonovah’s latest single, “Miss You.” This track is the epitome of a true masterpiece, blending danceable beats with lyrics that will make your heart ache with longing for that special someone. But it’s not just the lyrics that will get you hooked – the dynamic beats, irresistible composition, and abundance of sonic layers will have you hitting repeat again and again. Trust me, this is the kind of music that will have you blasting it on your car stereo every morning, inspiring you with energy and excitement for the day ahead!


Ekonovah, the rising star in the electronic music scene, has recently released his newest single ‘Miss You’, under the famed label Hau5trap Records. Known for his unique blend of house and techno sounds, Ekonovah is consistently pushing boundaries in the industry with his unparalleled production skills. His latest track, ‘Miss You’, showcases his versatile artistic growth in the electronic music sector. Melancholic melodies are fused with pulsating basslines, creating a hauntingly beautiful atmosphere that resonates with the audience. Ekonovah’s precision and attention to detail ensure an immersive and unforgettable musical experience.

Hau5trap Records, founded by the electronic music icon deadmau5, recognizes Ekonovah as an artist that is about to become a star. Their commitment to presenting groundbreaking talent in the electronic music industry has never been higher, and Ekonovah’s previous releases have already earned him a loyal fanbase and critical acclaim. Ekonovah promises to take his listeners on an irresistible musical journey with his upcoming single under the Hau5trap Records label. The track’s infectious energy and emotional depth are guaranteed to captivate listeners. Ekonovah is undoubtedly set to make a mark in the industry with his upcoming single under the Hau5trap Records label.


“I can’t think about the creation of ‘Miss You’ without thinking about a random tour stop last year in Idaho,” shares Ekonovah. “I was working on another track of mine in my hotel that corrupted out of nowhere and was unrecoverable. So I booted up a version of ‘Miss You’ that was in its infancy and was actually able to finish it and play it out later that night. Looking back, the whole thing was a blessing in disguise. Had my other project file not corrupted, I don’t think this song would exist.”


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“Miss You” has been added to my “Summer Vibes“, and “Wanderlust” ,  playlists on Spotify!