“Cherry Pie” serves as the 5th single by Emeye, a mesmerizing collaboration with the talented vocalist Syndel, released through 152 Records and distributed by AWAL. This extraordinary track unveils itself as a dance anthem, resonating with sensuality and infectious grooves. Its magnetic charm effortlessly ignites your inner desires and propels your feet to move rhythmically.


Right from the opening notes, you’re instantly captivated by its flirtatious invitation, beckoning you to indulge in a tantalizing slice of pleasure. The lyrics intricately paint a vibrant picture of a luscious cherry pie, symbolizing the alluring delights that await your exploration. With every beat, the energy intensifies, fuelling your desire to embark on this wild and exhilarating journey. The chorus erupts with an unforgettable hook, leaving an indelible imprint within your mind.


“Cherry Pie” embodies a celebration of unabashed sexuality, encouraging you to fully embrace your passions. It serves as an invitation to immerse yourself in a realm of unparalleled ecstasy. Brace yourself for an intoxicating rhythm that unravels before you, as you surrender to the alluring allure and delve into the legendary groove of cherry red. Get ready to enjoy your slice of the extraordinary!

Emeye, constantly evolving and pushing boundaries, stands as a true epitome of experimentation, eclecticism, and avant-garde artistry. They effortlessly bridge the gap between the tangible and the virtual world, serving as an enigmatic presence shrouded in mystery. Their origin remains a mystery, devoid of any religious or sexual connotations, emphasizing inclusivity and a politically correct stance.


Emeye exists in the present, always a step ahead in time, leaving the past behind as they propel forward. They encompass all genders, a unity that extends beyond boundaries. Emeye encompasses the very essence of the Earth and the cosmic expanse, transcending the realms of our reality.


Experience Emeye’s captivating allure and allow their music to transport you into a world of boundless wonders. Join the revolution, embrace the unconventional, and immerse yourself in their extraordinary artistry. Are you prepared to embark on this extraordinary journey?


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