“Hollowed Out” is an emotionally compelling song that delves into the harrowing world of addiction and personal struggle. The lyrics vividly portray the dichotomy between how society perceives individuals battling addiction and the internal turmoil they face. EveriKnee, shares one of their own haunting experiences, having faced multiple deaths and heart attacks by the age of 22. Through heartfelt storytelling, the song sheds light on the obstacles and despair that addiction brings, emphasizing the importance of addressing this pervasive issue. Every line reverberates with the resounding message: there is hope and the strength to overcome. EveriKnee’s raw and authentic music revitalizes the true essence of the art form, reaching out to those grappling with addiction and offering solace.

Observant Media, the brilliant team responsible for capturing the band’s essence through mesmerizing visuals, also showcases their exceptional talent in directing an equally captivating music video for “Hollowed Out.” Their refined cinematic style perfectly complements EveriKnee’s narrative, truly immersing the viewers into the depths of emotion conveyed by the song. Kudos to Observant Media for their commendable work in capturing the essence of the band while beautifully presenting their music through the art of visuals.


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