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Tuesday January 18, 2022

Faith & Scars
Photo: Zaneta Padilla

Six years ago, I moved from Canada to Charlotte, North Carolina (a place I’ve never even been before) and had these expectations on how it was going to be: lots of Southern food and Southern rock music. I don’t recall experiencing a lot of traditional Southern food (working part-time at a pizza and ale house in NoDa, pizza was a solid part of my diet) but I was exposed to lots of great R&B and Old-Time music, thanks to my musician roommates bringing me out to the local open mic nights. 


Anyway, Faith & Scars -a Southern rock band, hailing from North Carolina- have that exact sound I thought I was going to be exposed to 24/7 while living in NC. If you’re a fan of Black Stone Cherry, Shinedown, and Guns N’ Roses, you’ll dig these guys!

Their single “Rain”, produced by Roger Glenn Liverman; mixed by Al Jacobs (Warrior Sound); mastered by Ted Jensen (Sterling Sound), makes me think of being at a music festival, dancing in the rain and not having a care in the world. Definitely a song I’ve added to my “Summer Vibes” playlist on Spotify! Listening to the single, I totally forgot we’ve just experienced the biggest snow storm Toronto has seen in years!


The performance music video for “Rain” (produced by Roger Glenn Liverman; directed by Jaiden Frost; edited by Roger Glenn Liverman and Jaiden Frost) was filmed in a wooded area. The guitar solo by a church was a nod to Slash’s guitar solo in the Guns ‘N’ Roses’ “November Rain” music video, with the aerial shots.


According to the press release, they’ve dreamt about having a band during the MTV days, so the music video concept reflects that! I love this, as that is the epitome of manifesting your dreams!

A quote from the band: “We’ve found that if you hold faith in something, and hold it tight – be it your dreams, family, a significant other, yourself, or God – You’ll find yourself possessing a force that will push you to be the best that you can be.”


Amen to that! 


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