Fight the Pain is a promising metal band hailing from Sweden, emerging onto the scene in 2021. Founded by a talented drummer and guitarist, the band has dedicated their first year to refining their sound and vision. In 2022, their efforts were rewarded when they successfully added more members, solidifying their lineup. With the complete band in place, they embarked on the next phase of their musical journey – writing captivating music and crafting meaningful lyrics. Their debut single, “Born to Follow,” was unleashed upon the world in May 2022, leaving listeners craving more.


Looking ahead, Fight the Pain is determined to deliver their eagerly anticipated first album, scheduled for release in 2023. Drawing from their diverse backgrounds in previous bands, each band member brings a wealth of experience and skill to the table, enriching the collective sound of Fight the Pain. Collaboratively, they craft their music and lyrics, incorporating influences from both rock and metal genres. This fusion creates a distinctive and powerful musical experience that sets Fight the Pain apart from their peers.

With their ambition, dedication, and exceptional musicianship, Fight the Pain is set to make their mark in the metal scene. Their music resonates with fans, immersing them in a sonic world where raw emotion and intense energy collide. As their fanbase continues to grow, it’s evident that Fight the Pain has the potential to become a force to be reckoned with.


Fight the Pain is an exciting up-and-coming Swedish metal band that has captivated audiences with their passionate music and captivating lyrics. With their debut single already making waves, the anticipation for their first album is palpable. Drawing from their diverse musical backgrounds, Fight the Pain brings a fresh perspective and a unique blend of rock and metal influences to their sound. It’s only a matter of time before they make their mark on the metal world and claim their rightful place among the genre’s elite.


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