Jonathan Young, Colm R McGuinness, and Judge & Jury deliver a mesmerizing and ethereal musical experience with their latest release, “Fight the Tide.” This enthralling track is prominently featured on Jonathan’s highly anticipated album, Children of Night, and effortlessly showcases his unparalleled fusion of fantasy folk music. In an exciting collaboration with the immensely talented Ireland-based composer and musician, Colm R. McGuinness, Jonathan Young takes listeners on an enchanting voyage teeming with grand heroism and enchanting harmonies.


Jonathan Young, a visionary musician, has taken the music scene by storm since 2014. His distinctive “villain” voice, coupled with his exceptional talent in writing, producing, and playing multiple instruments, has captivated audiences worldwide. Leading a new generation into a world of epic and cinematic heavy metal, Jonathan has established himself as a self-made success story through viral videos and innovative musical projects.


Notably, Jonathan’s previous release, Starship Velociraptor, garnered immense praise from fans and critics alike. This 11-song heavy metal fantasy space opera showcased his boundless creativity and earned the attention of renowned producer Howard Benson and acclaimed songwriter and drummer Neil Sanderson from Three Days Grace. As a member of Judge & Jury Records, Jonathan now collaborates with these esteemed industry professionals, contributing to their world-renowned production team.

Colm R. McGuinness, a multi-talented musician, brings his masterful vocal range and instrumental expertise to “Fight the Tide.” With his skills as a violinist, cellist, singer, and YouTuber, Colm adds a layer of enchantment to the composition. Prior to his work on shanties, he gained recognition for his orchestral remixes of famous songs and his compositions for film, television, and video games. Colm’s contributions to the track elevate the overall musical experience, making it truly memorable.


The collaboration between Jonathan Young, Colm R. McGuinness, and Judge & Jury Records yields exceptional results on “Fight the Tide.” The track’s engaging melodies and powerful lyrics make it an instant favorite among fans. It evokes a sense of adventure and leaves listeners feeling like epic heroes themselves. With Children of Night on the horizon, Jonathan Young’s forthcoming album holds immense promise and is eagerly anticipated by fans worldwide.


“Fight the Tide” showcases the remarkable talent of Jonathan Young and the collaborative efforts of Judge & Jury. This release, featuring the extraordinary musical contributions of Colm R. McGuinness, immerses listeners in a world of fantasy and adventure. With its captivating melodies and epic atmosphere, this track is a testament to the creativity and innovation found within the realm of contemporary music.


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