Have you ever experienced being in a relationship where you constantly feel an overwhelming sense of loneliness? It’s like having someone next to you on the couch, with their dog nestled in between, but still feeling like you’re all alone. It can be quite disheartening to be in this situation, yet choosing to stay in the hopes that things will eventually change. You find yourself tackling difficult situations solo, even though your partner is often the cause of your loneliness. The talented Canadian Metalcore band, Forbidden Order, has recently released their latest single, “Just Another Day”, which perfectly captures this relatable scenario.


This compelling song delves into themes of self-doubt and the ongoing struggle to maintain faith and hope during challenging times. The lyrics intelligently express the emotional journey of feeling isolated within a relationship, where you question your own worth and constantly search for solace.


Forbidden Order, a remarkable metal band hailing from Montreal, is made up of two visionary artists. The lead vocalist, Jeremy Rodriguez Carignan, and the accomplished lead guitarist, Raphaël Stooke, previously members of the band “Suicide For A King”, joined forces to create a musical project that truly reflects their artistic vision. The birth of Forbidden Order in 2022 unveiled a remarkable fusion of musical talent, pushing the boundaries of their own abilities. Over the course of a year, they have poured their hearts and souls into creating an impressive body of work, surpassing their productivity in the past three years combined.


Now ready to step into the limelight, Forbidden Order is poised to showcase what two musicians with a shared dream can accomplish. Their debut EP, aptly titled “Let There Be Darkness,” serves as a narrative journey through toxic environments, guiding the main character on an intergalactic odyssey. The album is a captivating chronicle of doubt, angst, and relentless determination, drawing influences from renowned bands such as Northlane (early), Like Moths To Flames, and Ice Nine Kills.

What sets Forbidden Order apart is their unwavering commitment to offering their fans an unparalleled experience. Their dedication to going the extra mile and presenting something truly unique is palpable throughout their music. With each track, Forbidden Order invites listeners into a world of raw emotions, intricate melodies, and thought-provoking lyrics that leave a lasting impact.


Overall, Forbidden Order’s latest single, “Just Another Day,” serves as a powerful reminder of the complexities within relationships and the battle against inner turmoil. This Montreal-based Metal band’s music brilliantly showcases their immense musical talent and unwavering determination to carve their own path in the industry. Forbidden Order is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with, and their music is sure to resonate with fans who appreciate expertly crafted Metalcore with an emotional depth that transcends genres.


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