As an ardent supporter of women’s soccer, Formwandla, a talented German electronic artist, presents his exceptional musical contribution to the upcoming World Cup. Alongside the immensely talented Jodie Poye from the U.K., he has crafted an anthem that beautifully captures the euphoria and dedication displayed by the players, perfectly reflecting the ambiance of the tournament with its infectious summer vibe. By blending Latino vibes with dance-pop elements and the captivating voice of Jodie Poye, they have concocted an enticing concoction that implores listeners to get up, dance, and sing along. With its immense potential to reverberate throughout grand stadiums, this anthem transcends sporting events, carrying a powerful message that resonates with today’s young women. Formwandla eloquently explains, “Young women today need a lot of power to overcome the challenges in their lives. Our song also describes this energy!”


With the sweet chant of “Hey, our girls will win the cup!” echoing, it remains to be seen which team will reverberate this triumphant song as their victory anthem. However, one thing is for certain, this dynamic composition invites everyone to partake in the celebrations!

Diving into the vast sea of genres, the futuristic Formwandla creates a mesmerizing soundscape that seamlessly blends various influences, quirky elements, and a sheer love for sonic frequencies. The artist displays an unwavering dedication to his craft, eschewing popular trends and yearning for fame. Instead, he invites listeners to truly immerse themselves in his music, for that is the be-all and end-all. Formwandla, an ingenious remixer and producer, refuses to confine his art within the boundaries of a single genre. Even in his latest track, “Here with me,” one can discern influences while simultaneously witnessing a beautiful rebellion against conventional song structures. Each track seeks to surprise and captivate the listener, a testament to the artist’s audacious creativity.


Formwandla’s musical landscape is shaped by a multitude of influences, each offering a unique journey filled with delightful detours and deviations. Those who embark on this musical voyage will undoubtedly encounter an eclectic array of paths, leading to unexpected and extraordinary musical experiences. So, open your hearts to Formwandla’s sonic tapestry, and prepare to traverse uncharted territories, for his music offers a kaleidoscope of sonic wonders.


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