When beginning a new romantic relationship, everyone tends to be on their best behavior. This is known as the “Honeymoon Phase,” where excitement fills the air and discussions about the future and promises of faithfulness and togetherness are abundant. However, as time goes on, the true nature of one’s partner is revealed, often leading to feelings of betrayal and deception. While this relationship may not have been meant to last forever, the pain inflicted is no less intense. In search of a powerful metalcore song that captures these emotions?


Look no further than “Miserable End” by From The Tides (feat. John Matalone of VCTMS). This track perfectly combines the best elements of early metalcore with modern techniques, all presented with impeccable production quality. It conveys a deep sense of despair and loss within a deteriorating relationship. The protagonist finds themselves trapped in a state of unhappiness, unable to escape the misery caused by a partner who broke their promises and ultimately tore the relationship apart. The closing lines hint at the inevitability of the relationship’s demise, suggesting that it was doomed from the start.

With production credit to David Southern, From The Tides hails from Dallas, TX, offering a fresh, modernized take on the classic metalcore sound. Blending various genres and styles, their captivating lyrics, powerful choruses, and irresistible breakdowns are guaranteed to get you moving. Their latest single, “Miserable End,” embodies these qualities, delivering a crushing message that hits straight to the core. To experience the full impact of the song, be sure to check out the official music video on YouTube. For fans of Parkway Drive, Miss May I, The Devil Wears Prada, and Killswitch Engage, From The Tides is a band that demands attention.


Overall, “Miserable End” by From The Tides is a must-listen metalcore anthem that expertly captures the pain and disillusionment experienced in a failing relationship. The seamless blend of old-school and contemporary elements, combined with powerful lyrics and stellar production, make this song a standout in the genre. Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the gripping emotions conveyed by From The Tides in their latest single.


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