“Giving Up” by Horror Dance Squad, a metalcore band hailing from Estonia, delves into the concept that nothing in life comes for free. The resounding phrase “you’ll get nothing for free” drives home the message that every choice we make carries a cost or consequence. The track’s lyrics urge listeners to confront the truth rather than shying away from it, highlighting the futility of ignoring warning signs and pretending that negative outcomes don’t apply to us. The somber undertones and recurring funeral-like procession throughout the song symbolize the repetitive and often negative patterns that permeate our lives.


Horror Dance Squad, known for their unapologetic fusion of metalcore, punk, and vibrant electronics, has been igniting stages across the Baltics and beyond since their formation in 2014. With their signature blend of heavy drums, chuggy riffs, compelling melodies, and tantalizing breakdowns, the band delivers their music to audiences with unparalleled intensity.


Led by the dynamic duo of Karl Mesipuu and Ian Karell on vocals, Mikk Peetrimägi and Indrek Ulp on guitars, and Henri Kuusk handling drums and production, Horror Dance Squad crafts metalcore anthems that leave a lasting impact. The captivating energy they bring to their performances is reflected in their recorded work, with “Giving Up” being no exception.

Recording credits for “Giving Up” go to Mikk Peetrimägi, Sander Sadam, and Rauno Avel (Studio89), while Federico Ascari oversaw production, mixing, and mastering duties, ensuring a polished sonic experience.

In addition to their musical prowess, Horror Dance Squad also showcases their creative talents in the visual realm. Karl Mesipuu takes charge as director and producer of the accompanying music video, collaborating with Ramses Normak for editing and visual effects, Andrus Muuga as the director of photography, and Alar Õunas as the production assistant.


Overall, “Giving Up” by Horror Dance Squad is a captivating metalcore anthem that skillfully combines heavy instrumentals, haunting lyrics, and a thought-provoking narrative. With their dedication to their craft and electrifying performances, the band continues to establish their presence in the metalcore scene, leaving audiences hungry for more.


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